Eco-logical recovery

Waste Processing

Our eco plant processes waste and produce alternative fuels.

The ecorec company has been in the waste management business since 1993. The treatment of waste and its ecological processing into alternative fuels co-processed further in the cement industry are the main activities of our scope. Alternative fuels are delivered to the CRH cement plants.

Environmental protection and the attributes of sustainability are an inseparable part of our everyday business. At ecorec, we have an integrated management system in place which effectively and uniformly controls health and safety features, aspects of environmental protection and last but not least quality. On a yearly base, we co-process more than 230,000t of solid recovered fuel from industry and municipal waste, sludge, tires, waste oils and other wastes.

Waste fuels produced at our platform are supplied for further processing to cement kilns, where they are burnt at high temperatures around 1,400°C. The co-processing of waste fuels in cement production complies with strict quality control and environmental requirements. In general, cement production is a highly efficient energy and material process and therefore the use of waste fuels in the cement industry is exceptionally valuable. Regarding the environment, this production method is much more acceptable than using traditional fossil fuels.

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